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Rory's Suit Style - Anderson Hill Menswear

Anderson Hill Menswear has not stopped swooning over this stunning shot of handsome Rory flaunting his suit vibe before heading to his Scotch College Formal!

This pic has captured his confident swag and class. Rory dominated this suit. The choice of suit only accentuated his style. Just so striking!

This is a picture where he will look back and think, “Man, I looked dapper”.

Without a doubt he grabbed everyone’s attention and made an impression.

Rory not only highlights that the style of suit you get for your formal is important, but showcases your Formal is supposed to be fun. Whatever you do, and whatever you wear, make sure it adds to your occasion and helps you make those long-lasting memories that will make you smile years down the road.

Thank you for choosing Anderson Hill Menswear to dress you up for this special event. We had so much fun working with you to bring out your personalised look and fit that’s flattering and helps express your individuality.

We’re honoured that when it comes to style, you think of us.

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